Monday, February 25, 2013

Make way for the Inquisition

Hey guys and girls,

So its been a while and not much has happened on the hobby side of things - work has been kinda hectic and I have been diverting a lot of my attention towards Magic the Gathering with the release of Gatecrash at the beginning of February. However, I did manage to devote a couple of evenings to painting and was able to complete High Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz - read on to check him out...

I have always wanted to add an enamel type effect to Coteaz's armour as I thought it would really make him pop and when arrayed against my army of silver knights. My girlfriend was able to find me a lovely Tamiya gloss white acrylic (White X-2). While it looks great, painting with it is a pain. It gets tacky very quickly so make sure to give it a really good shake before use, also it doesn't mix very well with water. However, it only takes a couple of coats to build up a really strong colour. 

I am planning to use the same effect on the Crusaders to continue the theme of a "pure" force of Inquisitional troops. The perfect complement to the most hallowed of Space Marine Chapters. Although I am giving some serious thought to experimenting with tinting the plating to see how it looks with the glossy effect. Of course, no Inquisitional units look quite complete without some red thrown in; the bright red of the cloak really helps to contrast against the glossy white plate. The Cyber-Eagle was an interesting aspect to paint. I decided to base the colours on an American Bald Eagle as they are kinda the iconic poster-child for eagles. After doing a number of gem types / lenses on my Stormraven, I really think I nailed it first time on the Eagle's bionic eye!

So, there isn't too much time left until Vanquish in April and I need to get the final two squads finished so the rush is on to get them done. The Crusaders will be up soon, they have had their base coats and I have done some sculpting to make their shields a little more "Inquisitiony". The real challenge will be completing the Death Cult Assassins in time... until next time!


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  1. Nicely done! Can't wait to see the assassins. Not long to go mate hahaha just finishing up the Crons basing the last dude.. What a slog that was.